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4 hours to discover the Soul Art approach, and let yourself be guided in a playful exploration of the creative and intuitive world.

You will be able to receive unique answers to your current questions from your creation.

Your creation (a collage) will remind you of these inner discoveries.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

70 Euros the afternoon,

2 p.m.-6 p.m.

any material provided.

Max 4 people


Place: St Jean de Vedas (34)

St Jean medical center

16 route de Montpellier.

(If you have a location where you would like me to step in for a small group, feel free to contact me.)


Next dates 2021

- Saturday January 9

- Saturday January 30

- Saturday February 6

- Saturday March 6


In May / June, a day of creativity with the Soul Art process, along with thousands of people around the world. Ideal for discovering Soul Art while benefiting from a great group energy.

I am the official Organizer of this day in France under the aegis of Laurä Hollick, the creator of Soul Art, who guides this day from her Studio in Canada. (You can connect to and the FB page for more information)


100 euros per day


8 people max


Place and date to come: Montpellier

(Details specified in due time)





Explore your emotions, how to release them and soothe them through your free creative expression and guided by the Soul Art process.

Your creation (a collage) will remind you of the powerful insights you will receive.


90 euros per day,

10 am-6pm

Hardware tour provided

Max 4 people

Shared meal from the bag if desired

Location: St Jean de Vedas (34)

Next dates at the :

cabinet medical de St Jean 

16 route de Montpellier.

St Jean de Vedas (34430)

- Saturday July 18, 2020

- Saturday August 1, 2020





Destination Self esteem. Meet a Sacred Universe: YOU"

5 days in the Cantal wilderness to deepen the relationship with yourself, and to love yourself every day a little more unconditionally: knowing how to listen to your feelings, your intuition, knowing how to manage your emotions, setting clear boundaries and becoming your best friend.

We will play, dance, meditate, create, laugh, sing, massage, wander, breathe, celebrate, smell, taste ...


In co-animation with Sylvie PLEYNET, couple therapist, master practitioner NLP, trained in therapy by the inner child healing, in Vocal Art Therapy and Tantra.



Wednesday August 5th (5 pm) to Sunday August 9th (5 pm)

Place: family house in Cantal, Chemenet 15270 CHAMPS SUR TARENTAINE

Price (accommodation included in rooms of 3 or 4): 450 €


yoga-art thérapie
"du Coeur Sacré au Sacré Corps
du 12 au 18 août 2024

You will have 2 days to immerse yourself in exploring the Bodymapping approach with a creation based on the entire body contour. Moment of return to oneself, of relaxation and creative joy, but also of in-depth work on the connection to one's body, to one's intuitive language and to one's soul.


280 Euros the weekend

any creative material provided (possibility of reduction if you come with your material).
Free accommodation
meals out of the bag

Location: Montpellier or Moulins

Upcoming dates




A monthly meeting to explore and meet essential oils in an olfactory and meditative way, then indulge in a creation that will symbolize each oil.

I will guide you in this intuitive and creative inner process to let you go freely to your creativity and represent your encounter with this oil.

This workshop is open to women as well as to men wishing to enrich their connection to their inner feminine polarity.

50 euros the workshop

(40 € if you register for 5 workshops)

9 a.m. - 12 p.m. or 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

6 people max on site

Dates to be defined with the group

Place: Saint Jean de Védas (34)

St Jean medical center or online (live from the face-to-face workshop).


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