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Who am I ?

Elisabeth ORFILA

After studying clinical psychologist (School of Practical Psychologists), I wanted to enrich my theoretical knowledge with training as a psychotherapist-Vittoz method . I liked this approach which brings us back to mindfulness through the presence to the 5 senses.


Throughout my career, both personal and professional, I have always strived to combine the emotional, the physical and the spiritual.


I did 2 years of yoga training then my 3 kids were my yoga (as my teacher told me at the time). Yoga has not been my path but has given me a great foundation of knowledge of Eastern spirituality and a solid experience of meditation and mantras (with which I rocked my children…).


I also trained in NVC (Non Violent Communication) , a wonderful approach to learn how to express your emotions and your needs in a healthy and respectful way, by listening to both your suffering “jackal” parts and loving “giraffe” parts.


My participation for a dozen years in a supervision / training group with Jean-Paul Fluteau, psychologist (Espace Transformation) allowed me to acquire a solid foundation in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

I also trained with him in Brief Therapy by the approach of the "matriochka Child" or inner child healing and Systemic Approach .

These trainings have considerably enriched my experience and my reading of the situations I have been confronted with, both personally and professionally.

They also opened me to a very fine understanding of the source of our difficulties present in the wounds of the inner child.

I practiced for myself more than 10 years of Art Therapy , with Patricia Cotte (Atelier Artittude). I used my creativity there, and explored creative meditation. We also deepened the connection to the Sacred Feminine, around the Sri Yantra mandala (for 10 years) and the Kali mandala . At the same time, I explored the path of Tantra through numerous workshops with different teachers (Diane Bellego, Joël Samarpan "Chetan", Francesca Krim, Nathalie Cardinal).

Rich of this experience, I started Soul Art Certification with the Canadian Laüra Hollick in order to become a Soul Art Guide. Discovering Soul Art was like coming back home and was the wonderful synthesis of body, mind, heart, soul and creativity, all so very dear to my heart.

I gave courses to students in "Marketing & Brand Management" on the theme "Artistic creativity and self expression" at INSEEC Lyon (in English).

To deepen the energy dimension of my skills, I am also trained in Access Bars of Access Consciousness and Quantum Touch , and I continue to deepen and deploy this aspect in my guidance.

After more than 20 years of experience in institutions, I now wish to put these riches at the service of people in search of personal development, through sessions of psychotherapy and / or Soul Art ©.

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