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I practice a psycho-corporeal approach where the connection between body, mind and emotions is privileged, as well as relaxation and modified states of consciousness *.

You will thus be able to access the resources of your intuitive intelligence and free the main traumatic memories of the inner child (Inner Child Healing).

I also transmit many communication or emotion management tools from NLP * (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and NVC * (Non Violent Communication).

Being trained in Systemic Therapy *, I support families and couples in difficulty, in order to understand the imbalances they experience in the system they form.

I work in an office, with adults, children and adolescents and also by video if necessary (Skype, whatsapp or Facetime) (only for adults)


Price for individual session: 50 € per hour

Price for couples and families: 70 € per hour


* Inner Child Healing :


This Inner Child Healing Therapy was developed by psychologist Jean-Paul Fluteau (from Espace Transformation):

"This method of identifying and solving memories of the inner child integrates and combines the best of modified states of consciousness * and techniques for change of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming *), reviewed and adapted".


It allows you to reconnect conscious, hidden or forgotten memories of the child you have been, in order to heal him and set free the adult you are today.

The protocol used for exploring inner child's memories, combines modified state of consciousness and connection to an image of unconditional love (specific to each one)  in order to bring security and peace to the inner child.


Once the inner child's memory has been found and brought to peace, he no longer seeks to "call for help" by producing emotional invasions in your present, as he did before. He can grow up to the adult you have become.


Phobias, compulsions and depressions are in fact calls for help from the inner child and often awakenings of traumatic memory are self-healing attempts.


Certain moments in life are also conducive to these emotional upsurges (marriage, birth, death, separation).


* A modified state of consciousness is characterized by a frequency of brain waves different from that of an ordinary waking state, an intermediary between waking and sleeping.

The induction of modified state of consciousness makes it easier to access unconscious mind, by reducing the usual defenses of mind. It reveals many resources little used by the brain. The person is always aware of everything that is going on.


* Neuro-Linguistic Programming:


Neuro Linguistic Programming was born in the 1970s with Richard Bandler and John Grinder who were inspired by the work of other psychotherapists, including Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls. It is part of brief therapies.

Born following the behavioral observation of what was a factor of change, NLP designates a whole set of techniques (dissociation, reframing, etc.) and methods aimed at promoting the personal development of the individual.

There are techniques for anchoring resources, deactivating traumatic images, "negotiation between two parts", work on communication, beliefs and emotions.

Useful to overcome an obstacle (emotional, learning, job interview), to deal with your emotions, free yourself from your limiting beliefs, improve your self-esteem, improve your learning.


* The systemic approach was initiated by the work and research of Gregory Bateson, founder of the school of Palo Alto.

It studies, questions, in a family, a couple, what links the elements together, their dynamic exchanges, what can be a source of blockage and the resources on which to rely to overcome problems.

Therapy therefore always places the individual back in the systems to which he belongs and works on the interactions of the various members of the system.




* Non Violent Communication:


Nonviolent Communication or CNV is, according to its creator, Marshall B. Rosenberg, "Language and interactions that strengthen our ability to give kindly and inspire others to want to do the same"

The process of Nonviolent Communication that he has developed, allows us to: identify what, in our way of thinking and communicating, blocks and generates violence or, on the contrary facilitates communication and defuses conflicts. It develops our ability to clarify what we are going through and to express clear requests, learn to “decode” aggressiveness so as to re-establish or establish a dialogue in which everyone feels recognized. NVC offers a simple and concrete way of communicating by which everyone takes care of his needs and also finds pleasure in satisfying the needs of others. It awakens the natural pleasure of cooperating, whether in a professional, social or family environment.



A3 deesse fond noir.jpg


I developed my connection to the Sacred Feminine during more than 10 years of inner work in art therapy, around the Sri Yantra mandala, symbol of the union of the feminine and masculine principle (Shiva / Shakti), and

foundation of the Tantra approach. This mandala, carrying a very strong healing energy, accompanies me in all my sessions.


I also did many Tantra courses to free memories around the injured female and male.


I offer womb healing sessions , inspired by the “womb healing” of the American Sandra Rollus.

This powerful shamanic healing meditation, which calls upon the old guardians of the matrix, will allow you to release all the memories that you carry in your matrix, at the individual, transgenerational and collective level. It uses visualizations and a liberating breathing technique.


Lying down, during a session which lasts about 2 hours, I will accompany you with the help of Sri Yantra and my shamanic drum, in this magnificent liberation of your femininity. You will benefit from my presence and my guidance to dive into your privacy in complete safety.

(particularly suitable for women who have suffered abuse or whose families are carriers of this injury)

It is a wonderful gift to give you, which will also free all your descendants.


Liberated from these memories, you will feel lighter, freer and your femininity will be able to unfold in all its power.


This session can also be experienced in a group, in which case the energy of the whole group serves as a catalyst and amplifier for this wonderful process of inner healing.

Contact me if you want to offer me a group to share this trip with.


Price for individual session: 100 euros (2 hours)

Group session rate (minimum 3 people):  120 euros (3 hours session)+follow up call

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