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It is a creative expression and personal development technique developed by Laüra Hollick, Canadian artist, precursor of a kind of Spiritual Art-Therapy.


The specificity of Soul Art lies in the 5 stages through which you will be guided, to dive into the connection with your Soul.

This basic process is called Bodymapping.

- First of all you will be accompanied to define your intention for this creative process by deepening into the questions for which you wish to obtain guidance at this moment of your life.

- TheYou connect with your body and feel in which part this intention resonates the most. Then you trace the outline of a part of the body or the whole body on your creative support. It will serve as basis for your free creative expression.

- Then comes the time to dive into different creativity doors in order to explore various forms of expression and inspiration.


No need to know how to paint or draw to make Soul Art, just give vent to the spontaneity of your child's soul.


- Once the creative expression is finished, I will guide you to dialogue with your creation for receiving Insights. This moment connects deeply to Intuition, Soul, which allows the emergence of new insights linked to the intention set at the beginning.

In order to embody your insights in reality, we will define together an action, inspired by what has emerged from the whole creative process. You will decide precisely what you will do, when and how.


You leave with your creation, holding these energies and messages, which will remind you of your insights and guide you to embody it in your everyday life.


When Soul Art is practiced in group, you benefit from the connections and energy brought by the other participants, in addition to those offered by the guide.

Along the personal journey in Soul Art, you will then refine your connection to the more subtle and energetic levels of your being ( Energymapping) as well as to listen to your inner guidance.


You will learn to connect with your Spirit Guides until they are fully part of your life, beyond just creative moments.



What has Soul Art brought me?


When I discovered Soul Art, I felt a special quality of vibration of joy in my whole being. It was as if I came into a magnificent golden dress, perfectly fitted to my whole Being, and feeling like "coming home".

Since then, I know that when I feel this quality of vibration, I am aligned with who I really am .


This allowed me to unfold wider and more freely my creative expression, beyond any idea of ​​result, with in the background, pleasure, freedom and growing joy.


I then deepened the connection between my body, my creativity and my Soul.

It deeply strengthened my self-esteem and my independence .

Through this process, I can receive Source guidance from within and free myself from all forms of external dependence. I walk in this process of self-healing .


I found this connection between all levels of my Being (body, heart, soul) with the joy of free creativity in addition.


This is why it is important to me today to share this powerful process in French. (Some courses are also offered in English)





- Soul Art discovery workshops:


4 hours to be guided through Soul Art, in a fun exploration of the creative world.

No need to know how to draw, just the desire to be surprised, to walk towards yourself and let your free expression unfold.

You will define your intention for this adventure and you will be able to dialogue with your creation to receive insights and answers to your current challenges.

Your creation (a collage) will remind you of these inner insights and discoveries.



- BodyMapping week-ends


You will have 2 days to immerse in exploring what is Bodymapping. Moment of return to oneself, relaxation and creative joy.

It's about letting yourself go and paint from the outline of your entire body. You will be guided in a precise work structure, towards a dialogue between your body, your creative expression and a larger part of you, your intuition or your Soul.
 Both fun and deep, with Soul Art, no need to know how to draw, just listen to your body and explore what will emerge from your inner Creative Spirit and Soul.
You will get unprecedented answers to your current challenges (emotional, body or other) and you can then let the transformation take root in your life.
You will leave with your creation made in harmony with your deep Essence as well as messages and powerful insights for your own growth, your healing or your well-being.



Emotions and creativity day:


Explore your emotions, how to release them and soothe them through your free creative expression and guided by the Soul Art process.

Your creation (a collage) will remind you of these interior discoveries.








- Bodymapping sessions :


You want to make a deep inner journey with more individual guidance and take the time to let your creations unfold over the time in order to integrate them.

You want to deepen what emerged during a workshop or internship or simply finish a creation.

You want to get an answer to a particularly important issue in your life, work on an inner healing process about an emotional or physical symptom.

You want to finish a bodymapping and you don't have the place at home to do it.

You just want to have time to explore your creativity and deepen your intuition.


80 euros per 1.5 hour session (by appointment)

Material provided


Location: in Montpellier. Cabinet Médical St Jean



- Energy Mapping sessions


You have already completed one or more individual sessions or sessions of Soul Art, and / or you wish to deepen your connection to the more subtle and energetic levels of your Being.


The "energy map" of your body, in connection with your Deep Essence , will allow you to clearly define what you wish to embody from now on in your life, evolving towards greater fulfillment.


This individual session will allow you to dive into your own energy language, discovering your own energy sketching.

I will guide you to connect energetically to your " Soul Star " or Higher Self which will bring you your intention.

Then you will build your " Earth Star" , which symbolizes the receptacle of your Soul Star in matter, on the earth plane.

Then, you will join these 2 stars to build your "Core Star" which corresponds to your deep essence , to the unique expression of your Being on earth, in everyday life.

You will then be guided in the creative expression of your "Complete Energy Mapping" in painting, collages, with oracle cards if necessary, dance and intuitive song ...

The dialogue with your accomplished creation will bring you a powerful guidance in connection with your intention, and you will anchor it in your life by the inspired action which you will have chosen in conscience.


A magnificent gift to offer yourself to open up to new dimensions, dare to unfold your uniqueness and get to the next energetic level of your life!


An intense energetic work that will bring you profound changes in your life.


300 euros the entire day 

All equipment provided


Location: Cabinet Medical St Jean




Soul Art Day


In May / June, a day of creativity with Soul Art process, along with thousands of people around the world.

Ideal for discovering Soul Art while benefiting from a great group energy.

I am the official Organizer of this day in France under the aegis of Laurä Hollick, the creator of Soul Art, who guides this day from her workshop in Canada.

(You can connect to and the FB page for more information)


120 euros per day

9 am-6pm

8 people max


Place and date to come: Montpellier

(Details specified in due time)


Soul Art© Day Workshop 2019

Soul Art© Day Workshop 2018

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